Ceramic Tile

Keep Your Tile in Top-Notch Condition

Turn to us for ceramic tile flooring repair services in Houston, TX

Tile is an ideal flooring material for high-moisture spaces, like the kitchen and bathrooms. But if your tile gets damaged, it can allow moisture to seep in and ruin your floors or drywall. Luckily, you can depend on University Professional Cleaning and Floor Services for ceramic tile flooring repair services in the Houston, TX area. Our pros have decades of experience, which we'll put to good use fixing cracks and chips before they get bigger.

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Say goodbye to grimy grout

Getting regular ceramic tile cleaning services can make your home safer and save you money in the long run by:

  • Extending the service life of your tile so you won't need to replace it
  • Eliminating harmful mold and bacteria that can build up between your tiles
  • Increasing your property value and making your space look clean and fresh

We'll get the gunk out of hard-to-reach spots and leave your tile looking like new. Call 713-542-7836 now to find out what our ceramic tile cleaning service can do for your property in the Houston, TX area.